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Frida the actress.

This film was made in 1977. Not much playing was required, though. Frida played herself, member of ABBA, and most scenes were showing her on stage or backstage. However, still there are some parts which had to be really played and Frida did it excellent.
The drama was made in 1979, mostly in Spain (Seville), directed by Stig Björkman. ABBA had recorded a TV special in Spain and then Frida stayed there due to the filming of this movie. She plays the role of Anna who is married to diplomat named Anders (who is played byTomas Pontén). Pictures in the gallery are screen captures and unfortunately not very good quality.
This comedy movie was shot in 1984 and directed by Peter Wester. It actually consists of five various parts and Frida shows up only in the last one, playing the role of Louise. Louise works as a secretary of very rich factory chief, Gerhard, and is also his mistress. Gerhard, the main character is played by Magnus Härenstam who also appeared as the teacher in ABBA´s When I Kissed The Teacher video.
This is a cartoon film, made in 1992 and directed by Bill Kroyer. It´s a story of Fern Gully, a rainforest in Australia. Frida dubbed the character of wise woman of the forest called Magi Lune for the Swedish version of the film.
The Dancing Queen, The Tigress, The Only - FRIDA!